MAPS | Real Estate Coaching for Today

MAPS | Real Estate Coaching for Today

MAPS real estate agent coaching at Keller Williams.Successful real estate agents are agents who are coached well. No one achieves success on their own. That is a myth.

Keller Williams Realty invests in its agents. They’s why so many KW agents are successful. It’s also why the company has so many agents who spend so much time helping others. The successful agents know that you can’t succeed without some coaching. That’s what MAPS is all about.

What Is MAPS Coaching?

MAPS stands for Mega Achievement Productivity Systems. MAPS is Keller Williams’ coaching program and is based on the BOLD philosophy that Keller Williams Realty is known for.

There are three aspects of BOLD that drive the MAPS coaching program at Keller Williams. These are:

  • BOLD Leader – Prepares leaders by focusing on their talent and honing their skills.
  • BOLD Experience – A seven-week training program that conditions successful agents with powerful mindset exercises.
  • BOLD Technology – Empowers real estate agents to become successful lead generators and sales closers.

MAPS coaching takes place at the individual level, in groups, at Keller Williams events, and through the BOLD program. Keller Williams invests in coaching and training for its agents because the company has a strong commitment to building the most successful careers in the highest number of agents. It’s a company that is successful because it’s agents are successful.