Keller Williams Business Model | Why Is It So Special?

Keller Williams Business Model | Why Is It So Special?

Across North America we hear of turmoil and distress within the industry, so why would someone be crazy enough to jump into a career that has no guaranteed income and a stagnant recession that keeps hanging around? Four words: Keller Williams business model.

A Proven Business Model That Works In Any Economy

The Keller Williams business model is not the same as other brokers; on the contrary, it’s 100% unique from traditional real estate companies. Instead of focusing on building the brand of the broker, the focus is shifted to concentrate on the agent’s business. This opens up the company to be driven by the agents and allows the staff to stay up-to-date with training and the current market. With an economy that is constantly shifting, what do you need more than anything; a broker that is only concerned with growing their business or a company that is behind you through thick and thin, making sure you have the tools to run a successful business in any market?

How Has Keller Williams Done In This Tough Economy?

  • Since the market took a tumble back in 2008, Keller Williams has remained the only top real estate franchise to increase in agent count; this can be attributed to the agent training and support that teaches our agents to master the market of the moment.
  • Total GCI (Gross Commission Income) for the entire company has increased every year due to a gain in market share throughout North America.
  • KW is the only top real estate brokerage that is 100% debt free; we believe in leading with revenue, not expenses and by being financially sound, you can be certain KW will be around for decades to come.
  • Profit sharing has increased every year since the start of the recession. KW shares the profits of the offices with the agents that help grow the company. Since we are selling more real estate and running our offices more efficiently, our profits continue to rise unlike our competitors, who are losing millions of dollars a year.

Based on these factors, you can see why more agents are ignoring their friends that call them crazy when they say they want to build a career in real estate and signing up with Keller Williams. With the only proven business model that works in any economy, you have the best opportunity to succeed as a real estate agent with KW. Learn more about taking your real estate career to the highest level with Keller Williams Realty today.