Monthly Archives: August 2009

Keller Williams Profit Sharing | How Is It Calculated?

An optional part of the Keller Williams business model is profit sharing. Agents have the opportunity to generate passive income and share in the profits of the office by referring productive real estate agents to KW. Keller Williams profit share is a true gift; share the gift today!

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Family

Find out who is right in the Millionaire Real Estate Agent family when it comes to which path to take in a shifting real estate market; the MREA model or the 12 tactics for tough times.

KW Family Reunion 2010 | New Orleans

Keller Williams Family Reunion 2010 in New Orleans is our main event for training, networking and recharging your batteries to take on the new year of growing your real estate business. Join us!

Real Estate Agent Training | Your Brain On BOLD

BOLD at Keller Williams Realty will take your career from surviving to thriving with it's proven real estate agent training and coaching techniques. Take your business to the next level with BOLD.

Nick Vujicic | No Arms, No Legs, No Worries

Nick Vujicic is an inspiration to the entire world. Born with no arms or legs, Nick has become a very successful man with determination and hard work. No arms, no legs, no worries!

Keller Williams ALC | Built For Agents

The ALC at Keller Williams is made up of the top 20% of agents in each office and is designed to give all agents the opportunity to have a say in how their real estate office is run.