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Agent Testimonials

I was looking for a company that truly cared about it’s agents and would show me how to run a real estate business, not just sell houses. KW’s business model works in every market and my fellow agents are like family. I love this company!

Brent Mitchell, Austin, TX

Being a new agent getting into the business during the current economic downturn my family and friends thought I was crazy.  The KW market center I joined gave me the resources and support to excel.  I am now in the top 20% of production in the #1 office in Colorado. Thanks KW!

Craig O'Rourke, Denver, CO

When I began my real estate career, I interviewed with four companies. KW was the only company that offered me a coach,  a mentor to help me get started and taught me the many different aspects of the business. The technology that KW offers is second to none and has been vital to my business, as well as the unique, no cost training classes.

Frank DiDonato, Bedford, NH

I love Keller Williams! The training and education are the best and I get the best support from my fellow associates. I couldn’t imagine working with any other company.

Brian Krpata, Boca Raton, FL

I’ve been a Realtor for many years and was looking for the “right fit” for myself and my career.  I have worked for large companies in the corporate world and I have never observed anything like the caring, the energy, training and the support that the people in this company give to each other.  It’s the best personal and business move I have ever made!

Debbie Giles, Roanoke, VA

One thing that I have learned from the transition into KW and attending the training classes is KW allows me to keep up with all the technological advances in the Real Estate Tech World, and my business has a sense of ENERGY that has allowed me to reach the next level. This ENERGY comes from contribution. To help an entire office, we must start with one colleague. How can we help you?

Jason Gavadza, Toronto, ON

After 25 years in the business I have never seen a company that offers more state of the art training, encourages their agents to brand themselves, and is willing to share the company profits with their agents. Simply Incredible!!!

Jamie Purvis, Toronto, ON

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